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Plus-Size Fashion

Deco-dent Dressing: Plus Size Gatsby Style

Just in time for summer, a modern take on the classic novel The Great Gatsby hits movie theaters in May. Contrary to what most women will say, the big screen remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic tale of star-crossed lovers Jay and Daisy is not simply an excuse to ogle Leo DiCaprio in fast cars […]

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Runway Trends

Gilt Is Good: Metallic Fashion Trend

Once reserved for special occasion, discotheque or spacemen, shiny silvers (and other metals for that matter) were on full display as key day and night pieces. Granted, sometimes these metals are over-the-top and clearly only Vanity Fair party-worthy as in the undeniably fabulous Gucci flapper dresses dripping in golden fringe or the romantic Gatsby inspired silver slip dresses with feather shawls at Ralph Lauren. Better still the head-to-toe transluscent silver sequined pantsuit from Givenchy.

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