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An Irony of Proportions: Plus Size Designer Clothing

Fashion is many things: sometimes just clothing to wear, sometimes art, frequently beauty, typically a creative statement and at times a sort of game, with players ever striving to out-shock, out-luxe or out-spend each other. And often Fashion is a source of contradictions, ugly things become trendy, beautiful things become stale, luxury becomes banal and […]

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Designer Spotlight

The Brand Is A Betty: Female Fashion Designers List

So you’re a fashionista, a crack fashionfile, yea even fashion-obsessed? How well do you know your female designers? In honor of all the designing women, here’s a lineup of the brands you know and the female designers you might not. Female Fashion Designers List Big-name brands: Alexander McQueen – Sarah Burton Celine – Phoebe Philo […]

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